• Construction & Energy

    An ecosystem of startups and decision-makers dedicated to construction and real-estate industries where entrepreneurs and corporates disrupt the way we design, construct & maintain the built environment

  • Construction & Energy Lab


    Innovation has a key role to play in sectors of Construction & Energy and IMPULSE LABS detects the most innovative start-up and connects them with major industrial firms in an attempt to boost the launch of their technology.

    « After a precise selection,we offer to start-up office desks, financial supports and a network. Start-up arrive on the market after having saved several months in their development»

  • The Ecosystem


    A catalyst for opportunities

    • Join an ecosystem with the most innovative and promising startups
    • Proximity between startups/well informed investors/ industry and real estate partners
    • Funding from Paris innovation
    • Seed capital and loans on trust
    We provide our accelerated startups with hosting services, financial support and a network that saves them months of development time.


    Professional and industrial decision-makers in the construction and energy sectors

    • A direct access and involvement in the startups ecosystem
    • An active watch on innovation in this sector
    • Open Innovation: plateform for collaboration and exchange
    • Corporate Venture
    • Notoriety, image and involvement in the ecosystem


    A holistic approach


    • Energy Production & Storage
    • Energy Performance
    • New Uses
    • Innovative Construction Methods
    • New Uses
    • Circular Economy
    • Web Services
    • Monitoring

    Champs d'application

    • Sustainable Energy
    • Smart Materials
    • Building Conception
    • Space Mutualisation
    • Blockchain
    • Waste processing
    • Collaborative Plateforme
    • Augmented Reality
    • Big Data
    • ...
  • Innovation Hub

    Innovation ecosystem connecting startup companies and decisions makers

    on key issues from energy and construction’s field

  • Accelerated Startups

    Civil drones improving the productivity of earthwork, civil engineering and linear arrays operations.

    Collaborative mobile app for construction and real estate professionals. This app is used for site supervision in real time.

    Augmented reality applications for professionals.

    Process for removing hydrocarbon from soils, sludge and waters that uses a range of reusable hydrophobic and oleophilic polymers.

    Monitoring of cabled infrastructures / railway infrastructures to optimize maintenance and discourage cables stealing.

    Consulting and engineering company in construction and management of base camps. Sole promoteur of second-hand base camps.

    Watch that consists of trade fairs monitoring and targets’ viewpoint analysis.

    Concrete passive buildings with prefabricated outer insulation which guarantees « 0 thermal bridge ».

    Turnkey solution which provides green, reliable and affordable electricity everywhere and everytime.

    Energy production by a submarine drone powered by a kite.

    Turnkey solution to monitor, steer and optimise energy flows.

    Cold repair methods for off-shore environnements.


    Replace traditionnal solutions of concrete wall reservation (cavity for cables or windows)

    Industrialization of energetic rehabilitation for collective buildings (digital model and prefabrication).

    Terahertz waves’ camera with an industrial vision dedicated to penetrating imaging.

    Energy analysis platform for buildings in operation which identifies the causes of the gap between theoretical energy performance and reality.

    Insulation of floors and walls by a Robot going under the floor or in the wall, projecting an isulating foam.

    The Wind Tree’s conceptor: urban wind turbine that produces electricity from small air flows with a combination of many micro-turbines.

    Bio-lighting system, without electricity consumption and light pollution emission.

    Platform which organizes contests between young and talented architects for private demand.

    Creating properties designed for flat sharing, offering living spaces adapted to everyone’s needs and budget.

    Connected thermostat with automatic regulation according to the occupants’ distance from home.

    Solution which facilitates the co-designing of innovative construction systems.

    Speaker system allowing to control the direction of the sound beam.

    Tertiary real estate advertisements’ platform (Desks, Warehouse, Commerce, Lands) which takes into account the residential location of occupants.

    New interface generation men-machines based on the eye’s behaviour.

    Web and mobile platform which facilitates the management of equipment for construction sites. The platform serves as a link between renters and monitors rented machines.

    3D-online platform offering a complete catalog of furniture and decoration items and allowing to try in 3D one’s own virtual place

    Energy consumption monitoring system with smart sensors allowing a multi-fluid cartography by zone, device and uses.

    Energy optimization and steering solution using algorithms to plan the levels of consumption and production of electricity.

    LB Inventive

    Real estate app that simplifies researchs for private individuals (geolocation, transparency of property’s information…).

    Architectural lighting construction and integration of giant screens in buildings’ facades.

    Online estimation and qualified professional network that helps private individuals with a better management of their renovation work.

    New modular housing concept with high-performance concrete.

    Big Data and algorithms which predict the impact of new urban projects on land prices of large metropolitan areas.

    Connected glasses for maintenance and remote collaboration.


    Outil d'aide à la décision permettant de simuler les voies possibles de l'introduction de l'hydrogène-énergie et d'en évaluer les conséquences économiques et environnementales.

    Integration of connected objects to provide a material and software automation solution for switchboards.

    Power supply for LED lighting, air conditioning and blinds through an Ethernet network injecting power and information into a single cable.

    Connected sensors installed on the house’s water intake which measure consumption and transmits the results to a mobile application allowing anyone to manage consumption.

    Industrialization of concrete floors for collective residential buildings with casing modules delivered and customized for the site.

    HQ construction monitoring system composed by autonom cameras linked with customized interface and algorithm.

    Full-height-facade construction system in shuttered concrete to do extern and intern thermal insulation in the same forming operation. This system complies with thermal and acoustic requirement and the verticality of buildings.

    Software that allows firm to know if the construction equipments comply with norms and regulation. It also monitors the evolution of the stock and the working condition.

    Artificial intelligence that simplifies the information flow and reporting. This machine-learning solution minimizes project management risks and optimizes organization.

    Woleet developed a SaaS platform where millions of data are storaged everyday. It uses the power of Bitcoin Blockchain to secure your data.

    A trade platform where professionals can exchange materials.

    Airthium developed energy storage units thanks to compressed air technology. The product aims solar and wind farm.

    Real time positioning system aiming on building sites. It helps to reinforce security of people and equipment thanks to a connected technology.

    Water turbine that produces electricity and works thanks to the naturel flow of rivers.

    Web platform enabling professional to book building sites’ machines online.

    Web platform allowing operators and managers to create mobile applications and industries’ digital tools without any technological knowledge.

    Delivers the new wood/concrete building system : B2R+.

    Web platform making renovation work easier connecting people who need apunctual help with people who have technical expertise.

    Works with different kinds of players in their development about bio-materials.

    A 3 years expedition in a ship of 82 feet to sail to and fro the African, South American and Asian coasts in an attempt to collect and to transform plastic waste in resources giving them a new life (building brick, insulating material, ...).

    La Mama des Chantiers

    An innovative company catering services dedicated to building sites.

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